Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Naughty Pics and Captions part 1

                                     He had no chance of resisting her charms

                                     The truth about what young boys need.

                         You don't have to be a be in my show.
                         Song by the husband/wife duo of Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.,
                         former members of the vocal group The 5th Dimension.

                                   A classic thriller.  Originally from Forced
                                   Womanhood magazine.  This version of the pic
                                   shows the tgirl's naked penis without the chastity device.

                                  Sometimes white boys do exactly as they're told.
                                  No prejudice needed.  Just listen and obey.

                                  The more kinky the better.  I like pink hair
                                  on top.  shaved clity penis below.

                                  Nelly Olson's Secret
                                  Think Little House On The Prarie

I just like the letter T you know.

What would you use for the captions?
Feel free to leave a comment.

Picture 1  Forced Bi Universitey
Picture 2  Beaver to Beaver
Picture 3 don't need to..
Picture 4  Forced Womnhood Mag
Picture 5  Attractive black tgirl.
Picture 6  Pink hair slut
Picture 7  Nelly Olson's Secret

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Hope you all enjoy these pics as much as I do ;)
I know you will my sweets.

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