r/t with me

Real Time Meetings

Warning: This is not for call girls just looking to make money!
This is for ordinary, every day people, who are to interested in
loving human relationships.

If you are are either of these:
(1) a (bi)sexual (f)emale who wants a man /closit cd tv
(2) A m-f cross dresser who wants either a man or a closit cd tv

And if you actually have an interest in me,  StephenorStephenie
as I call myself.  Hinting at both a male side, and female /xdresser side
(I live as a male but would love to crossdress, depending on my lover's desires)

then please contact me at this address:

and don't forget to check on my profile.
which is right here on the blog site.

I would adore having a lover and I'd be very kind to that lover.
I am actively seeking such a lover....

End of main section.  (see tech notes, memos below)

My Fair Warning Section:
warning! fair warning! be advised:
In the event of  any harassing types of people looking
to cause trouble for me...Don't just assume so foolishly,
that you have any idea what the "f" you are dealing with.
To put it quite do not.

Sorry if I frightened any nice people away.
Not what I am trying to  :)
That being said I will lovingly save this page
Curtsie and all that stuff there...

Your hot babe blog Mistress