Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD on CD Romance

CD on CD Romance
there will be updates to this post over time

Both the Stephen and the Stephenie in me
have great need to express love and affection to other cross dressers.
We then...are most interested in transvestites...but also welcome
the beautiful ts's to enjoy our site

This is the place where we will express our very amorous feelings
for other tgirls.  We will do so, with tender sweetness.

first prose entry for this post:

To be touched, caressed, kissed, and held.
Lovers who constantly attend each others needs
with warm, loving, pettings and kisses....

We are looking for more romantic pics
  of two tgirls kissing each other.            
  Profile views of this would be great.    
        Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  
                                      We will be looking into some tgirl                                            
                drawings and cartoons to help with this category

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spanked and Raped prt1

Spanked and Raped
A new feature here at CDJ (Cross Dresser Joy)
Warning: very strong explicit uncensored adult material.
You are in an adults only expect some crudeness now and then Not meant to be cruel spirited post.  Just eroic musings.

Update Status = may be updated from time to time

                                               Basic Needs and Lesssons

                                      The bi lateral parental approach

                                  Sweet Seductions that won't stop

                               There is a line.  And you young lady...have crossed it!

                                   My soul given - My ass....her property

                                               thank you for the pose Ma'dam

                                         And youuuu thought you were soooo sneaky

                                            Speaks for itself spank pic

                                 There had been signs....but this?  OMG!

                                                And you chose me to give it?

                                            vintage erotica - sharp sounder

                                      He loved the choice was painfuly clear

                                         (comments are welcome)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update at CDJ 09-16-2010

Update at CDJ  09-16-2010
Greetings and welcome pervs and pervets....
First things first.  A naughty picture for you...

                                  Surrender is pleasurable.  Risistance is futile.
                                  Spankings are most certainly possible.

All is well and this blog is growing in content and quality.
Much thanks to those who have allready become a reader or follower.
That is very thanks.

Here's a table of Contents
It may not list every post, but should be helpful

Profile (blog owner profile updated)

Reffering Sites / Credits
Referring Sites - Back Links - Etc

Naughty Pics n Captions
Naughty Pics and Captions part 1
Naughty Pics n Captions part 2 comming soon
Spanked and Raped prt1

Note: many of the fiction type of posts can be found
as Prose, Comments, etc.  Others can be found here....
Exhibitionist Couple in Carnal Forest
Mrs Handwell's Forced Loving (1)

Prose - Comments  - Articles - Point of View - Erotic Confessions
by the way...prose is like poetry but much easier to write.  not so formal.
Loving Shrine To Women
A More Kind Misstress - part 1
After the rape...Erotic Love
Loving Slave Vs Pig Slave
Rape that is not rape - The Lover
who are you sexually attracted to?
Affirmations of Being Tgirl - part 1
cd self humiliating fun - phase or indefinite?

Variety in a mix:
Variety Playground 1

Off Topic (basically other sexual subjects)
Off Topic At CDJ 1

Author's Recommended Reading:
Loving Slave Vs Pig Slave
A More Kind Misstress
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