Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD on CD Romance

CD on CD Romance
there will be updates to this post over time

Both the Stephen and the Stephenie in me
have great need to express love and affection to other cross dressers.
We then...are most interested in transvestites...but also welcome
the beautiful ts's to enjoy our site

This is the place where we will express our very amorous feelings
for other tgirls.  We will do so, with tender sweetness.

first prose entry for this post:

To be touched, caressed, kissed, and held.
Lovers who constantly attend each others needs
with warm, loving, pettings and kisses....

We are looking for more romantic pics
  of two tgirls kissing each other.            
  Profile views of this would be great.    
        Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  
                                      We will be looking into some tgirl                                            
                drawings and cartoons to help with this category

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