Friday, September 10, 2010

Mrs Handwell's Forced Loving (1)

Mrs Handwell's Forced Loving (part 1)
Fiction:  by: Stephen Dells
(C)opyright 09-09-2010
GenState Publishing

(story in progress...time to complete unknown)

The License on the wall read...
Carolyn Handwells,  MD, PsyD
Ohio State University
This license fully active as of 07-22-2000

An order receipt for some "restraining equipment"
was also displayed on the wall.

The place seemed unreal, or was it all too real
thought Susan to herself.....

A large office with black light background.
The sound of a smooth feminine voice on the phone.
Armed security guards all through the waiting area.
Susan nearly passed out at the site of it.
Her life as a Tgirl was now guaranteed and unstoppable.
The woman on the pone continued with her information.

Enlarge Penis to 8 inches,.. grow breasts to Dcup.
Nipples 1 and 3/4 inch diameter...with 3 dimentsional
stand out from surface of breast...confirmed..

Induce heavy lactation.  Fully functional penis
check code delta 9er six.  Confirm.... ETA to full effect of
all changes 5 minutes from time of application
Forced Crossdressing....confirmed...Alpha Beta 3.
Forced Sex ...confirmed Delta 1 six


(story in progress)

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