Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD on CD Romance

CD on CD Romance
there will be updates to this post over time

Both the Stephen and the Stephenie in me
have great need to express love and affection to other cross dressers.
We then...are most interested in transvestites...but also welcome
the beautiful ts's to enjoy our site

This is the place where we will express our very amorous feelings
for other tgirls.  We will do so, with tender sweetness.

first prose entry for this post:

To be touched, caressed, kissed, and held.
Lovers who constantly attend each others needs
with warm, loving, pettings and kisses....

We are looking for more romantic pics
  of two tgirls kissing each other.            
  Profile views of this would be great.    
        Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  
                                      We will be looking into some tgirl                                            
                drawings and cartoons to help with this category

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spanked and Raped prt1

Spanked and Raped
A new feature here at CDJ (Cross Dresser Joy)
Warning: very strong explicit uncensored adult material.
You are in an adults only expect some crudeness now and then Not meant to be cruel spirited post.  Just eroic musings.

Update Status = may be updated from time to time

                                               Basic Needs and Lesssons

                                      The bi lateral parental approach

                                  Sweet Seductions that won't stop

                               There is a line.  And you young lady...have crossed it!

                                   My soul given - My ass....her property

                                               thank you for the pose Ma'dam

                                         And youuuu thought you were soooo sneaky

                                            Speaks for itself spank pic

                                 There had been signs....but this?  OMG!

                                                And you chose me to give it?

                                            vintage erotica - sharp sounder

                                      He loved the choice was painfuly clear

                                         (comments are welcome)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update at CDJ 09-16-2010

Update at CDJ  09-16-2010
Greetings and welcome pervs and pervets....
First things first.  A naughty picture for you...

                                  Surrender is pleasurable.  Risistance is futile.
                                  Spankings are most certainly possible.

All is well and this blog is growing in content and quality.
Much thanks to those who have allready become a reader or follower.
That is very thanks.

Here's a table of Contents
It may not list every post, but should be helpful

Profile (blog owner profile updated)

Reffering Sites / Credits
Referring Sites - Back Links - Etc

Naughty Pics n Captions
Naughty Pics and Captions part 1
Naughty Pics n Captions part 2 comming soon
Spanked and Raped prt1

Note: many of the fiction type of posts can be found
as Prose, Comments, etc.  Others can be found here....
Exhibitionist Couple in Carnal Forest
Mrs Handwell's Forced Loving (1)

Prose - Comments  - Articles - Point of View - Erotic Confessions
by the way...prose is like poetry but much easier to write.  not so formal.
Loving Shrine To Women
A More Kind Misstress - part 1
After the rape...Erotic Love
Loving Slave Vs Pig Slave
Rape that is not rape - The Lover
who are you sexually attracted to?
Affirmations of Being Tgirl - part 1
cd self humiliating fun - phase or indefinite?

Variety in a mix:
Variety Playground 1

Off Topic (basically other sexual subjects)
Off Topic At CDJ 1

Author's Recommended Reading:
Loving Slave Vs Pig Slave
A More Kind Misstress
Love Shrine To Women

Loving Shrine To Women

Loving Shrine to Women
Update Status: may be updated occasionally

StephenorStephenie presents:
My loving shrine to women....
I'll start with a nice pleasant picture and some text.
Then we'll go from there...adding things as need.

In three parts, the wheel exists as a hub, the center of the world.  The 8 spokes denote the 8 paths to enlightenment. These 8 steps work together, not separately.  1. right understanding . 2. right attitude  3. right speech  4. right action  5. right work    6. right effort  7. right mindfulness  8. right meditation  The rim represents the attribute of limitation.  All are contained within a circle, which is perceived to be perfect and complete, like the teachings of the Buddha. The four sections in the center of this wheel refer to the 4 noble truths that lead to the Dharma wheel.

Dear Reader....
I know somewhere out there is a woman....who is as
lonely in her I am in mine.  I express the male
side of myself here and the love he feels for women.

My idea here is just to offer that lonely woman
some pleasant reading.  A comfortable place
to peruse erotic writings and such.

This lonely woman....I hope she reads this...
whoever and wherever she is.

She needs to be loved... and held... and petted...above all else.
As I always say....To love...and be loved.
What more precious thing could there be?

Petting you with long warm strokes, and I'm in no hurry.
Here...sweet love....let me give you many more of these
long warm and loving strokes.  Let time stand still.
Let the pleasure be repeated over and over.
Running my fingers through your pretty hair.

A hand of kindness and mercy caressing your cheek.
A warm soul to melt yourself into.  Kisses of passion.
A restful, guiding hand, making all the pain go away.
Far...Far Away......More distant still now..... loved.

Your welcome to come back often and
read this blog.

Cuddles and Loving and Kisses,
whoever you are...dear sweet lover,

Stephen :)

Off Topic At CDJ 1

The Universe in never ending splender:

                                   miror miror in the sky....

                                  A universe with fish :)

                                        Surreal Dreams - at rest


Famous Quotes

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."
Casablanka 1942

When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.
Mark Twian

I've never let my school interfere with my education.
Mark Twain

StephenorStephenie (my attempt at coining a phraze)
I can respect a woman as a CEO or a wize leader
At the same time she will always be a sex object to me.
That's not a bad thing.  Some people are respected in multiple ways.
Accepted as a whole person....tallents....tits...ass....and all.

Yes I know that was a naughty statement.
I love it when Mistress is Baddddd
What can I say....Im crying out for help here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rape that is not rape - The Lover

This is a serious post.  Here I will discuss in honesty
what I really feel about rape.  Let me start by saying
I have not raped or harmed anyone in my life.
At least not in the physical and legal sense of the word.

I have an imagination and I know how to blow off steam.
That is good.  Now comes a deeper understanding
of the dark side if I can express it here...

Intense fantasies of love and rape filled his dreams.
But over the years he found a more gentle understanding.
Did he really desire, to do harm to others, he asked himself.
No, the answer came back in his own mind.
I just want so much to be with them he thought almost aloud.

But this method is too crude.  Like that of a small child who
misunderstands the complexity of the situation.

Why not express these feelings peacefully,
as an erotic seduction and love raping..without the hurting?
Aww yesss!  This does seem much more...on target.
Not a forced thing.  Rather, a dream to share in
playful teasing with a consenting partner.

What if she accepts his advances openly?  Then the great secret would come out.
He is a lover,..and a passionate one at that.  Why did he not reach out years earlier?
Because it was he, who was afraid.

Now we see that in a sense, he could be the one being raped.
The one who is finally learning to fly.  Sometimes love hurts.
With great courage he expresses his need for her.
Doing so in a way that is sweet and enjoyable for both.

Mistress rapes him in gentle kindness with her erotic love.
Rape and tear filled joy.  A positive sense of rape.
He can return the favor in the same way it was given to him
I suppose we might simply call it a form of love, when it's like this.

Inspiration for this peace...
My thanks to you enlightened souls out there
who helped me learn to love more openly and gently.
Although I have never harmed anyone, I seek a deeper
understanding of my own erotic loneliness.

Thanks to Erica Jong for writing the famous book..
Fear of Flying.  Now I must go read that book.

(*) Foot Notes: Prose

--entry 1--
My twisted version of what is actually a great song.
rape me tender....rape me me all the time

--entry 2--
 I, creature...surrender.
 I love you.  Baby needs to fly.
 Tears of joy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mrs Handwell's Forced Loving (1)

Mrs Handwell's Forced Loving (part 1)
Fiction:  by: Stephen Dells
(C)opyright 09-09-2010
GenState Publishing

(story in progress...time to complete unknown)

The License on the wall read...
Carolyn Handwells,  MD, PsyD
Ohio State University
This license fully active as of 07-22-2000

An order receipt for some "restraining equipment"
was also displayed on the wall.

The place seemed unreal, or was it all too real
thought Susan to herself.....

A large office with black light background.
The sound of a smooth feminine voice on the phone.
Armed security guards all through the waiting area.
Susan nearly passed out at the site of it.
Her life as a Tgirl was now guaranteed and unstoppable.
The woman on the pone continued with her information.

Enlarge Penis to 8 inches,.. grow breasts to Dcup.
Nipples 1 and 3/4 inch diameter...with 3 dimentsional
stand out from surface of breast...confirmed..

Induce heavy lactation.  Fully functional penis
check code delta 9er six.  Confirm.... ETA to full effect of
all changes 5 minutes from time of application
Forced Crossdressing....confirmed...Alpha Beta 3.
Forced Sex ...confirmed Delta 1 six


(story in progress)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update at CDJ :) 09-09-2010

The blog is comming along beautifully.
But it desperately needs more comments,
more readers, and followers.  Please do kindly
list me on your own blog or web site.
Make comments, requests etc.
It's greatly appreciated.

Updates and Listings for today:
New multi-part fiction posts are in editing and coming out soon.
Posts in General:  some of these will have pics added
to them as needed.  Some posts include an Update Status indicator.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loving Slave Vs Pig Slave

                                 (see post below pics) 
                                              (see post below pics)

                                     (see post below pics)

                                           (see post below pics)

         About this picture.  I put an insert here to give it a unique twist of theme.
         The original is also very good.  So good that it inspired me very much to
         pay compliments to the artist.  I don't mean to be swiping his or her stuff.
         In fact Im trying to figure out where this thing is so I can show the credits.
         But this pic just steals my heart away.  I may try a different insert some time.
         My interpretation here is -- Maybe the three women don't always have to beat
         on the submissive male.  He is doing as told.  So they will be nice about it and
         watch as the lonely man cuddles with the Tgirl who is also owned by them.

Loving Slave VS Pig Slave
From the subs point of view....

I don't really need to be called a pig.
It's too stereo-typical.  So generic.
It sounds like Mistress could never care about me.
Could never understand my strong affections for her.
How can I be creative and pleasing to mistress if I'm just a pig?
What might work better for me....
Bad Animal / Good Animal seems better to me.
Dirty Little Sneak / Sweet heart / teddy bear

I don't want to just sit there looking like an ugly lump of disfigured flesh.
I want to be nice looking for Mistress.  A handsome creature who is
quietly respectful; needing to be petted and loved.

I think it is appealing if a man is able to be fairly thin
and nicely shaped in appearance.  It could be worth staying
in shape to make the passion burn all the stronger.
I don't like looking like a fat pig with zero personality.
I have begun to lose weight because of this feeling.

My feelings on nudity:
I love seeing people dressed in lingerie and partialy exposed.
Full nudity is often less of a turn on, at least
until I can enjoy the undressing.

Being allowed to look upon Mistress beauty:
I need this.  This is partly how I express my affections.
If I have been bad, I can be punished in various ways.
But Mistress always enjoys the feel of my eyes on
her half naked body.

Basic Speaking, Sound, Movement...
Silence mode = a time to reflect quietly
Permission Granted = speak but with caution
Speak Freely = you my speak normally at the moment.
Flash Signal Mode = used to communicate various things
but quietly.  Good for safety precautions.  Silent expression
of affection, role play signals etc.

Being asked questions by Mistress or other people who
have authority over me.....
Yes..I need to be asked lots of erotic and embarrassing questions.
Sometimes they are based on previous answers I have given.

Example Being questioned on the details of
what causes my affection for Mistress.

Often Mistress invites a pretty therapist to come
and interview me right in front of her.
While looking at pictures of my sessions
with Mistress,..I may be asked what was I feeling
at certain times and in certain situations.
Was I feeling submissive, embarrassed, powerless?
In this picture?....finger pointing.....
What about that picture? finger pointing etc.

Mistress is very loving, and yet...
she finds many ways to keep me mindful
of her ever present and extreme power.
Her ability to force me at any moment.

While she does not have to be morbid...
it's a big mistake for her to break out of character
and start giggling such that her behavior does not
fit the scene.  She has extreme power and should be
able to express that power as mysterious and erotic.

Physical manifestation of power.
Even though Mistress can control me in many ways...
sometimes it feels very good indeed to hear the quiet jingling
of my chains.  After all...I belong to her.  The sound of
the chains  reminds me that I am her posession.
A creature she has trained as her lover and sub.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

who are you sexually attracted to?

Confessions - who are you sexually attracted to?
This is just for friendly fun.  I don't want to see anything
mean spirited or I will yank this post!

Confessions - who are you sexually attracted to?
Tell us who you are sexually attracted to.
Weather it be a famous person or unknown or your lover.
For this particular post please keep your comments fairly brief.
Like a paragraph for example.

I will start this post by telling you who I myself am
sexually attracted to.

StephenorStephenie is sexually attracted to:
During the last several months I have noticed repeatedly that
I am sexually attracted to the famous Delia who's name
many of you will recognize.  I am also sexually attracted
the boys over at gaysissies dotcom.  I want you all to know that.

Ok who will be next.  Feel free to leave a message.

Variety Playground 1

Variety Playground 1
Random stuff I wanted to post.
This can be articles, ideas...anything.
Update Status = this post may be updated over time

Piece of an article: (date 09-04-2010)
GayVS Gay Friendly
As professional travel consultants, we are often asked by our GLBT travelers, “What’s the difference
between a hotel that’s Gay and one that’s Gay-Friendly?”
My simple answer is…”Look at the clientele staying at the hotel.”
If they are all GLBT, then you have a gay hotel. Or you have a lesbian hotel, or a hotel that accepts our
entire community. This means the hotel management takes reservations only from GLBT people.
If only a few of the hotel’s patrons are GLBT, then you have a gay-friendly hotel. In this case,
management and staff will not discriminate against you. However, that’s no guarantee the other hotel
patrons won’t.
Before booking yourself in this hotel or on that cruise ship, you need to ask yourself just how far “Out”
you want to be on this trip. If you want to be able to display your affection at the pool or in the dining
room, (or even go “topless or bottomless”), then you need to find a gay-owned (or at least gay-
managed) hotel or B&B at your destination. Most of the time, true gay hotels are smaller and they may
not be located conveniently to the beach, museums or other sight-seeing venues. But, that’s one of the
trade-offs. You have to decide what’s more important to you before embarking on your trip.
How about children? Perhaps you enjoy larger, mainstream hotels (with all the services and preferred
locations) but you don’t want to vacation with children. I get it!  And, so can you!
One of the newest developments in the hotel industry is the growing acceptance of family pets.
Remember, “Look at the clientele staying at the hotel.” If you can relate to them, then you will most
likely have a good time.

Articles on subspace and bdsm

BDSM: Experiencing Subspace and Subdrop Safely
by Cheryl Williams (published may 17, 2010)

The Emotional Side of Sub Drop
by lunaKM  (march 27, 2009)

                                            Interacial lesbian dom/sub luv

                                  Cheesy but seductive

Affirmations of Being Tgirl - part 1

Update Status =This post may be updated over time

caution...some of these suggestions can be dangerous.
Use your own common sense when considering such things.


I made myself view Tgirl sexual content today.
I trimmed my fingernails like a girls.

I took a natural breast enlargement pill today.

I signed up for my own post office box so I can receive special things.

I made my own adult content blog.  (this means your fantastic)

I like to kiss other Tgirls in the physical or online world.

I set aside time for my tgirl self and I also give her time to rest!

I put some pink women's skin cream on all my private parts today.

Today, I talked with a bi curious person or similar (online perhaps). and encouraged them cross dress if that is their desire.

I masturbated today.
I never stand when peeing in the toilet.
I may have peed on myself before taking my shower.
I may have done something even more dirty.

I went to a second hand store today.  use imagination ;)
economical and quite a turn on.

I made an embarrassing purchase of an adult magazine and baby oil today.
(warning: this is dangerous...see precautions below)
A place you know - A cd-friendly business perhaps
Not too many people around.  Maybe just the pretty woman
at the checkout stand.

I went into a womens public restroom (well now this is just kinky)

Repeat after me....(self applied psychology)
My penis is a girl.  I am a cross dresser.
I wear panties and bras and other girly things
I am very pretty and beautiful.  I am lovable.
There is nothing wrong with me.  I'm an extra dirty girl.
I fully accept myself as the pretty t-girl that I am.
I will reach out to others in the cd community.
I will seek out love and support for my desires.
I love myself and I turn myself on.
I am an absolutely fantastic lovable Tgirl

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A More Kind Misstress - part 1

                                  A More Kind Mistress - part 1

                       Please Note:  My hidden confession is in this post!
                       It is a real and heart felt confession.

         A More Kind Mistress  (part 1)                     

         Mistress is well prepared to administer force and punishment if needed.
         But in this post let us explore the kinder side.  A mistress who is
         compassionate when she finds a shy sub who has real feelings for her.
         Its an intensely sweet thing to surrender quietly and with affection
         to a dominant Tgirl.  Gently, and in no particular hurry, she pets
         her sub.  We all need to be loved.

         I am happy in my work.  That work is to find new and creative
         ways of bringing pleasure to my mistress.  After all, this is not
         just about my own needs.  It's also about what pleases
         my mistress and brings real happiness to her.

         How strongly my heart beats at the thought of kissing her.
         Not just once, but many times over.  Even a simple good
         morning kiss is intentionally turned into a ten minute ritual
         of being actively loving.

         It excites me no end, to know that mistress owns
         and controls me.  Though it is not always about being
         whipped or spanked, that possibility is most definitely there.
         At any time during the lengthy foreplay I may be punished
         for breaking a rule on accident.  It is for Mistress to decide
         how my therapy will be applied.  She is mysterious and
         seductive in her castle of love.  Punishment isn't just about
         hitting a person crudely with no feeling or sense of eroticy.
         Mistress knows there are a wide variety of things that may
         be combined together during punishment.  It's not always
         about being angry with the sub.  It can be a loving guidance
         that is firm, deeply needed, and yearned for.

         Often I think this theme is more exciting than much of the
         main stream porn that we see out there.  This incredibly sweet,
         truly affectionate surrender.  Tears trickling down one cheek
         of a grateful submissive lover.  Real tears honey, and little hands
         that tremble.

         I like to find pictures that show this scene in much the way
         that I would imagine it.  Not so much emphasis on full nudity.
         I like half dressed and lingerie pics.
         Such joy to kiss her, with passion and feeling.
         To be guided softly but firmly by her experienced hand,
         through some new experience.  To love, and be loved.

         I am a man...but not an unfeeling one.
         Since my late twenties I have been obsessed
         with Tgirls whatever name they may choose to
         call themselves.  In particular I like transvestites.
         I've seen a lot of tgirls over time.  Some of them
         glamorous stars.  Others humble and sweet.
         I guess I'm supposed to be some straight male.
         But I'll tell you truly....all you Tgirls out there
         with kind and warm hearts.  I love you.
         It is a truth I have come to accept as of late.

         Let this be my bitter sweet surrender.
         May tears run down my cheeks and may
         my little hands tremble.  Let me not hide my pain
         and loneliness.

         In this little world I have created, my feelings will be expressed.
         I surrender Mistress.  I love you.

                                               (comments are welcome)

Naughty Pics and Captions part 1

                                     He had no chance of resisting her charms

                                     The truth about what young boys need.

                         You don't have to be a be in my show.
                         Song by the husband/wife duo of Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.,
                         former members of the vocal group The 5th Dimension.

                                   A classic thriller.  Originally from Forced
                                   Womanhood magazine.  This version of the pic
                                   shows the tgirl's naked penis without the chastity device.

                                  Sometimes white boys do exactly as they're told.
                                  No prejudice needed.  Just listen and obey.

                                  The more kinky the better.  I like pink hair
                                  on top.  shaved clity penis below.

                                  Nelly Olson's Secret
                                  Think Little House On The Prarie

I just like the letter T you know.

What would you use for the captions?
Feel free to leave a comment.

Picture 1  Forced Bi Universitey
Picture 2  Beaver to Beaver
Picture 3 don't need to..
Picture 4  Forced Womnhood Mag
Picture 5  Attractive black tgirl.
Picture 6  Pink hair slut
Picture 7  Nelly Olson's Secret

If you have any difficulty with posting comments
email me at the address shown on my profile.
Hope you all enjoy these pics as much as I do ;)
I know you will my sweets.