Monday, August 23, 2010

After the rape...Erotic Love

This is a quick outline for a favorite theme of mine.
The idea being that rape and love sometimes get along
well together.  And sometimes we make love to our rapist,
and the rapist returns the love gently, with real affection.
Alternate Titles....Mistress Raped Me With Her Love.

Additional Notes:
This is what I call a love confirmation scene.
In this scene,.. the submissive's  love and affection
must always be taken seriously by the Mistress or Master.
It must be actively accepted... and love must be expressed
in return.  I would really like to get some
comments on this post.

12 hours of deep sleep had passed since Stephenie had been
spanked, raped, and humiliated by Mistress Deanna.

Stephenie had something very important to tell Mistress.
Stephenie made the hand symbol that requested permission to speak.
Permission granted,.. said Mistress Deanna.

Stephenie looked Mistress Deanna straight in the eye.
Trembling and with just a whisper of a voice....Stephenie spoke.
You have raped me Mistress.  Over and over again.
Now I am in love with you....and I want to make love to you.
Please accept my extreme affections in gentle kindness.

Mistress Deanna reached out....this time with the kindness
that was tearfully requested.  Yes....Stephenie.  I accept fully
this deep need and desire you have for me.  Come and make
love to me however you wish.  We have all the time in the world.

In the days to will find that good behavior
does result in great rewards.  And sweet heart....
I want you to understand.....I do have very strong
feelings of love and affection for you as well.

Come now and make love to your rapist Stephenie.

Mistress eyes twinkled and glistened ever so beautifully.
And so... Stephenie made love to her.
And they lived very happily ever after.

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