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Exhibitionist Couple in Carnal Forest

Exhibitionist Couple in Carnal Forest
By StephenDells

Chapter 1

Bobby and his wife Darla were on the trail early today.
Having bribed park officials and basically taken over the
hiking trails they now began to enact carefully laid plans.

They brought their friend Rhonda with them.
At attractive 35 ish female who lived near them.
Only she knew of their plans and she was here
to make sure everything worked out fine.

Weeks earlier Bobby and Darla had agreed to spice up their marriage
with some really taboo things.  He would become a cross-dresser
despite the embarrassment.  She in turn would become a bisexual
lesbian despite the embarrassment.

Running excitedly along the back trails in near silence, they took note
of what kind of guests were in the park today.  Then ran on ahead so
they could control where everybody went with helpful signs.
Signs which sometimes got changed in secret.  Drawing certain
guests into surprise situations and leading others along a perfectly
normal path.

When they were finally ready....they both went to what was called theater rock.
Bobby,...who was now becoming Barbara was already dressed for the occasion.
Laying his/herself out along a wooden guard rail and looking uphill.
Barbara was not only dressed in sexy revealing lingerie but also
allowed her girly penis to hang out erectly.  She was not allowed to look back
down the hill where the hikers would soon be appearing.  Instead she
had to act like a manikin with her face kind of turned away and her
body laid out as a sex object for others to enjoy.

Darla was basically doing the same about 10 feet away.
Looking quite sexy in very revealing clothing she had
found a good pose that showed all her parts well.
Forcing herself to thrust her breasts outward
and keep her legs well parted, she too became like a manikin.

Meanwhile Rhonda (Bobby and Darla's good friend)
had double checked everything.
The unknowing guests were on their way, and two or three
new signs had been put up with arrows pointing to the naked

The sign for Bobby/Barbara said....
Feel free to play with the cross dresser.  Run your hands all over her
and do as you wish.

A similar sign offered Darla as a lesbian sex doll and bifem
who could be taken in whatever way anybody wanted.

Rhonda had now assumed control.  She was into martial arts
and would have no trouble as a protector and enforcer.
She carried two tazer guns on her.  Choosing a pleasant spot
in the background she melted in with the trees, bushes,
and rocks.  Her panties wet and breasts hardening, she
waited and listened.....knowing that she was going to
get quite a show!  And so was everybody else.

The natural setting was orgasmic in it's own right.
Beautiful water falls....meandering brooks and trails
mixed with large numbers of trees of varying heights.
Lots of places for resting, snacking, and enjoying the view.

Rhonda's breath became heavy as she heard the sound.
The sound of a cute little family coming up the trail.
A pretty mom, a handsome father, a girl, and a boy.
Emily, Max, Peter, and Kelly.

They all saw the half naked cross-dresser and the
curvaceous bisexual lesbian layed out before them.
Max grabbed his wife and put his hand over her mouth.
Now sweetheart....This is what we've been talking about.
Let the kids see the real world.  I mean it now.

Well well well....what have we here...said Max's
voice for all to hear now.  I think we'll all be staying
at this spot for a while.

Now my beloved family... all of you come here.
This is our chance to have some real fun.  I mean it.
I don't care about rules or decency anymore.
We'll stay here for a while, and you can all do anything you want.
That includes these things that are on display.
If you want to do them....then do them.
I know I'm going to, and I won't be hiding it.

The cute little family was truly stunned.  What Max
had said was so ripe for the moment.  His family had
gone through too many hardships these last few years.
Recently Max had found a much better job with a boss
he liked.  Now it was time to pass this good fortune
onto his family.

Then he whispered in his wife's ear.
You to do the lesbian.  I will do the crossdresser.
The kids can do whatever brings them pleasure.

Max walked up to Bobby/Barbara and began to caress her
pretty legs.

Peter (the young boy) joined his father in feeling up the crossdresser.
Emily, trembling with excitement reached
out to Darla the lesbian and began to pet her.

Kelly (the young girl) was so aroused at seeing what her
mother was doing that she joined longer able to
control her own sexual urges.

All the while Bobby/Barbara and his wife Darla
stayed in their posed exhibitionist positions and
remained quiet as their faces both turned red
with embarrassment and sexual excitement.

(story in progress)

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