Saturday, September 4, 2010

Variety Playground 1

Variety Playground 1
Random stuff I wanted to post.
This can be articles, ideas...anything.
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Piece of an article: (date 09-04-2010)
GayVS Gay Friendly
As professional travel consultants, we are often asked by our GLBT travelers, “What’s the difference
between a hotel that’s Gay and one that’s Gay-Friendly?”
My simple answer is…”Look at the clientele staying at the hotel.”
If they are all GLBT, then you have a gay hotel. Or you have a lesbian hotel, or a hotel that accepts our
entire community. This means the hotel management takes reservations only from GLBT people.
If only a few of the hotel’s patrons are GLBT, then you have a gay-friendly hotel. In this case,
management and staff will not discriminate against you. However, that’s no guarantee the other hotel
patrons won’t.
Before booking yourself in this hotel or on that cruise ship, you need to ask yourself just how far “Out”
you want to be on this trip. If you want to be able to display your affection at the pool or in the dining
room, (or even go “topless or bottomless”), then you need to find a gay-owned (or at least gay-
managed) hotel or B&B at your destination. Most of the time, true gay hotels are smaller and they may
not be located conveniently to the beach, museums or other sight-seeing venues. But, that’s one of the
trade-offs. You have to decide what’s more important to you before embarking on your trip.
How about children? Perhaps you enjoy larger, mainstream hotels (with all the services and preferred
locations) but you don’t want to vacation with children. I get it!  And, so can you!
One of the newest developments in the hotel industry is the growing acceptance of family pets.
Remember, “Look at the clientele staying at the hotel.” If you can relate to them, then you will most
likely have a good time.

Articles on subspace and bdsm

BDSM: Experiencing Subspace and Subdrop Safely
by Cheryl Williams (published may 17, 2010)

The Emotional Side of Sub Drop
by lunaKM  (march 27, 2009)

                                            Interacial lesbian dom/sub luv

                                  Cheesy but seductive

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