Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loving Shrine To Women

Loving Shrine to Women
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StephenorStephenie presents:
My loving shrine to women....
I'll start with a nice pleasant picture and some text.
Then we'll go from there...adding things as need.

In three parts, the wheel exists as a hub, the center of the world.  The 8 spokes denote the 8 paths to enlightenment. These 8 steps work together, not separately.  1. right understanding . 2. right attitude  3. right speech  4. right action  5. right work    6. right effort  7. right mindfulness  8. right meditation  The rim represents the attribute of limitation.  All are contained within a circle, which is perceived to be perfect and complete, like the teachings of the Buddha. The four sections in the center of this wheel refer to the 4 noble truths that lead to the Dharma wheel.

Dear Reader....
I know somewhere out there is a woman....who is as
lonely in her I am in mine.  I express the male
side of myself here and the love he feels for women.

My idea here is just to offer that lonely woman
some pleasant reading.  A comfortable place
to peruse erotic writings and such.

This lonely woman....I hope she reads this...
whoever and wherever she is.

She needs to be loved... and held... and petted...above all else.
As I always say....To love...and be loved.
What more precious thing could there be?

Petting you with long warm strokes, and I'm in no hurry.
Here...sweet love....let me give you many more of these
long warm and loving strokes.  Let time stand still.
Let the pleasure be repeated over and over.
Running my fingers through your pretty hair.

A hand of kindness and mercy caressing your cheek.
A warm soul to melt yourself into.  Kisses of passion.
A restful, guiding hand, making all the pain go away.
Far...Far Away......More distant still now..... loved.

Your welcome to come back often and
read this blog.

Cuddles and Loving and Kisses,
whoever you are...dear sweet lover,

Stephen :)

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