Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loving Slave Vs Pig Slave

                                 (see post below pics) 
                                              (see post below pics)

                                     (see post below pics)

                                           (see post below pics)

         About this picture.  I put an insert here to give it a unique twist of theme.
         The original is also very good.  So good that it inspired me very much to
         pay compliments to the artist.  I don't mean to be swiping his or her stuff.
         In fact Im trying to figure out where this thing is so I can show the credits.
         But this pic just steals my heart away.  I may try a different insert some time.
         My interpretation here is -- Maybe the three women don't always have to beat
         on the submissive male.  He is doing as told.  So they will be nice about it and
         watch as the lonely man cuddles with the Tgirl who is also owned by them.

Loving Slave VS Pig Slave
From the subs point of view....

I don't really need to be called a pig.
It's too stereo-typical.  So generic.
It sounds like Mistress could never care about me.
Could never understand my strong affections for her.
How can I be creative and pleasing to mistress if I'm just a pig?
What might work better for me....
Bad Animal / Good Animal seems better to me.
Dirty Little Sneak / Sweet heart / teddy bear

I don't want to just sit there looking like an ugly lump of disfigured flesh.
I want to be nice looking for Mistress.  A handsome creature who is
quietly respectful; needing to be petted and loved.

I think it is appealing if a man is able to be fairly thin
and nicely shaped in appearance.  It could be worth staying
in shape to make the passion burn all the stronger.
I don't like looking like a fat pig with zero personality.
I have begun to lose weight because of this feeling.

My feelings on nudity:
I love seeing people dressed in lingerie and partialy exposed.
Full nudity is often less of a turn on, at least
until I can enjoy the undressing.

Being allowed to look upon Mistress beauty:
I need this.  This is partly how I express my affections.
If I have been bad, I can be punished in various ways.
But Mistress always enjoys the feel of my eyes on
her half naked body.

Basic Speaking, Sound, Movement...
Silence mode = a time to reflect quietly
Permission Granted = speak but with caution
Speak Freely = you my speak normally at the moment.
Flash Signal Mode = used to communicate various things
but quietly.  Good for safety precautions.  Silent expression
of affection, role play signals etc.

Being asked questions by Mistress or other people who
have authority over me.....
Yes..I need to be asked lots of erotic and embarrassing questions.
Sometimes they are based on previous answers I have given.

Example Being questioned on the details of
what causes my affection for Mistress.

Often Mistress invites a pretty therapist to come
and interview me right in front of her.
While looking at pictures of my sessions
with Mistress,..I may be asked what was I feeling
at certain times and in certain situations.
Was I feeling submissive, embarrassed, powerless?
In this picture?....finger pointing.....
What about that picture? finger pointing etc.

Mistress is very loving, and yet...
she finds many ways to keep me mindful
of her ever present and extreme power.
Her ability to force me at any moment.

While she does not have to be morbid...
it's a big mistake for her to break out of character
and start giggling such that her behavior does not
fit the scene.  She has extreme power and should be
able to express that power as mysterious and erotic.

Physical manifestation of power.
Even though Mistress can control me in many ways...
sometimes it feels very good indeed to hear the quiet jingling
of my chains.  After all...I belong to her.  The sound of
the chains  reminds me that I am her posession.
A creature she has trained as her lover and sub.

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