Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rape that is not rape - The Lover

This is a serious post.  Here I will discuss in honesty
what I really feel about rape.  Let me start by saying
I have not raped or harmed anyone in my life.
At least not in the physical and legal sense of the word.

I have an imagination and I know how to blow off steam.
That is good.  Now comes a deeper understanding
of the dark side if I can express it here...

Intense fantasies of love and rape filled his dreams.
But over the years he found a more gentle understanding.
Did he really desire, to do harm to others, he asked himself.
No, the answer came back in his own mind.
I just want so much to be with them he thought almost aloud.

But this method is too crude.  Like that of a small child who
misunderstands the complexity of the situation.

Why not express these feelings peacefully,
as an erotic seduction and love raping..without the hurting?
Aww yesss!  This does seem much more...on target.
Not a forced thing.  Rather, a dream to share in
playful teasing with a consenting partner.

What if she accepts his advances openly?  Then the great secret would come out.
He is a lover,..and a passionate one at that.  Why did he not reach out years earlier?
Because it was he, who was afraid.

Now we see that in a sense, he could be the one being raped.
The one who is finally learning to fly.  Sometimes love hurts.
With great courage he expresses his need for her.
Doing so in a way that is sweet and enjoyable for both.

Mistress rapes him in gentle kindness with her erotic love.
Rape and tear filled joy.  A positive sense of rape.
He can return the favor in the same way it was given to him
I suppose we might simply call it a form of love, when it's like this.

Inspiration for this peace...
My thanks to you enlightened souls out there
who helped me learn to love more openly and gently.
Although I have never harmed anyone, I seek a deeper
understanding of my own erotic loneliness.

Thanks to Erica Jong for writing the famous book..
Fear of Flying.  Now I must go read that book.

(*) Foot Notes: Prose

--entry 1--
My twisted version of what is actually a great song.
rape me tender....rape me me all the time

--entry 2--
 I, creature...surrender.
 I love you.  Baby needs to fly.
 Tears of joy.

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