Saturday, September 4, 2010

Affirmations of Being Tgirl - part 1

Update Status =This post may be updated over time

caution...some of these suggestions can be dangerous.
Use your own common sense when considering such things.


I made myself view Tgirl sexual content today.
I trimmed my fingernails like a girls.

I took a natural breast enlargement pill today.

I signed up for my own post office box so I can receive special things.

I made my own adult content blog.  (this means your fantastic)

I like to kiss other Tgirls in the physical or online world.

I set aside time for my tgirl self and I also give her time to rest!

I put some pink women's skin cream on all my private parts today.

Today, I talked with a bi curious person or similar (online perhaps). and encouraged them cross dress if that is their desire.

I masturbated today.
I never stand when peeing in the toilet.
I may have peed on myself before taking my shower.
I may have done something even more dirty.

I went to a second hand store today.  use imagination ;)
economical and quite a turn on.

I made an embarrassing purchase of an adult magazine and baby oil today.
(warning: this is dangerous...see precautions below)
A place you know - A cd-friendly business perhaps
Not too many people around.  Maybe just the pretty woman
at the checkout stand.

I went into a womens public restroom (well now this is just kinky)

Repeat after me....(self applied psychology)
My penis is a girl.  I am a cross dresser.
I wear panties and bras and other girly things
I am very pretty and beautiful.  I am lovable.
There is nothing wrong with me.  I'm an extra dirty girl.
I fully accept myself as the pretty t-girl that I am.
I will reach out to others in the cd community.
I will seek out love and support for my desires.
I love myself and I turn myself on.
I am an absolutely fantastic lovable Tgirl

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