Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A More Kind Misstress - part 1

                                  A More Kind Mistress - part 1

                       Please Note:  My hidden confession is in this post!
                       It is a real and heart felt confession.

         A More Kind Mistress  (part 1)                     

         Mistress is well prepared to administer force and punishment if needed.
         But in this post let us explore the kinder side.  A mistress who is
         compassionate when she finds a shy sub who has real feelings for her.
         Its an intensely sweet thing to surrender quietly and with affection
         to a dominant Tgirl.  Gently, and in no particular hurry, she pets
         her sub.  We all need to be loved.

         I am happy in my work.  That work is to find new and creative
         ways of bringing pleasure to my mistress.  After all, this is not
         just about my own needs.  It's also about what pleases
         my mistress and brings real happiness to her.

         How strongly my heart beats at the thought of kissing her.
         Not just once, but many times over.  Even a simple good
         morning kiss is intentionally turned into a ten minute ritual
         of being actively loving.

         It excites me no end, to know that mistress owns
         and controls me.  Though it is not always about being
         whipped or spanked, that possibility is most definitely there.
         At any time during the lengthy foreplay I may be punished
         for breaking a rule on accident.  It is for Mistress to decide
         how my therapy will be applied.  She is mysterious and
         seductive in her castle of love.  Punishment isn't just about
         hitting a person crudely with no feeling or sense of eroticy.
         Mistress knows there are a wide variety of things that may
         be combined together during punishment.  It's not always
         about being angry with the sub.  It can be a loving guidance
         that is firm, deeply needed, and yearned for.

         Often I think this theme is more exciting than much of the
         main stream porn that we see out there.  This incredibly sweet,
         truly affectionate surrender.  Tears trickling down one cheek
         of a grateful submissive lover.  Real tears honey, and little hands
         that tremble.

         I like to find pictures that show this scene in much the way
         that I would imagine it.  Not so much emphasis on full nudity.
         I like half dressed and lingerie pics.
         Such joy to kiss her, with passion and feeling.
         To be guided softly but firmly by her experienced hand,
         through some new experience.  To love, and be loved.

         I am a man...but not an unfeeling one.
         Since my late twenties I have been obsessed
         with Tgirls whatever name they may choose to
         call themselves.  In particular I like transvestites.
         I've seen a lot of tgirls over time.  Some of them
         glamorous stars.  Others humble and sweet.
         I guess I'm supposed to be some straight male.
         But I'll tell you truly....all you Tgirls out there
         with kind and warm hearts.  I love you.
         It is a truth I have come to accept as of late.

         Let this be my bitter sweet surrender.
         May tears run down my cheeks and may
         my little hands tremble.  Let me not hide my pain
         and loneliness.

         In this little world I have created, my feelings will be expressed.
         I surrender Mistress.  I love you.

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  1. This is soo true. I love it when my mistress is kind to me. It doesn't get any hotter than that.